The 14-hour drive with Six Abandoned Babies (with no seatbelts and no car seats)

We loaded into a small Ethiopian van with seven other people for what would become a 26-hour round-trip ride that would forever change my life. The sweltering Ethiopian heat beat down on the small bread-shaped van, with no air conditioning to relieve us from the traveling oven we were riding…

Sam & Irene Kisolo with children from St. Ameria Orphan Care in Mbiko, just outside Jinja, Uganda

Sam and Irene Kisolo are parents to 43 children. Four are their biological children, the others are all adopted. This family causes different reactions. To some, they are the ultimate model for adoption. Others wonder if it’s even possible to effectively parent that number of kids.

Streams Of Mercy

We’re a US-based charity born out of a passion to care for the most needy and helpless of society. Together we’re changing the lives of orphans around the world

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