Sam & Irene Kisolo: Parents To 43 Children!

Sam & Irene Kisolo with children from St. Ameria Orphan Care in Mbiko, just outside Jinja, Uganda

Sam and Irene Kisolo are parents to 43 children. Four are their biological children, the others are all adopted. This family causes different reactions. To some, they are the ultimate model for adoption. Others wonder if it’s even possible to effectively parent that number of kids.

Having spent a lot of time in their home, I’m convinced that this is one of the most healthy families I’ve ever met. The children are well cared for, they are taught in a live-learn environment that prepares them to be outstanding adults. They are destined to become world changers.

Sam and Irene embarked on this journey when they were on their honeymoon. A stop at an orphanage in those early days set the course of their lives. It was the height of the AIDS epidemic in Uganda. Thousands were dying daily from HIV infections. Sam saw firsthand the devastation of AIDS, but he also saw the needs for AIDS orphans to be raised in a family environment.

There is tremendous fruit in the lives of the Kisolo kids. As we have seen the older ones move into adulthood, a number have become doctors, lawyers and professionals. This is unheard of in the normal context of orphans, but Sam and Irene are creating a new normal.

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•Written by Wick Nease • Photography by Michaela Potterbaum • Video by Josiah Burdick

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